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In a constant concern for our clients satisfaction, our firm strives to offer a multidisciplinary approach to services provided by each competence center.

Le droit des sociétés est l’ensemble des règles de droit qui régissent la vie des sociétés de leur création à leur dissolution, il s’applique aussi bien aux sociétés commerciales ou civiles.

Notre cabinet vous propose ses services juridiques, tout au long de l’activité de l’entreprise, afin de vous éclairer sur la forme juridique la mieux adaptée ou bien négocier au mieux les contrats clés dont vous avez besoin. Nos différentes missions se présentent sous la forme suivante :

  • Choix de la forme sociale optimale;
  • Ouverture de succursales
  • Réalisation de toutes opérations juridique (constitution, augmentation de capital, cession de parts, dissolution, liquidation) ;
  • Assistance en matière de cession et transmission ;
  • Rédaction de contrats commerciaux ;
  • rédaction d’actes : baux commerciaux, cessions de parts… ;
  • Rédaction de conventions réglementées et rapport de gestion ;
  • Rédaction de pacte d’actionnaires ;
  • Rédaction des contrats associatifs et groupement sans but lucratif ;
  • Secrétariat juridique annuel (assemblées générales, PV des AG…) ;
  • Etablissement des procès-verbaux d’assemblée générale ordinaire.

Social law is a term that covers all the rules governing individual and collective labor relations: labor law, CNSS and supplementary pension
Most business leaders consider it to be a particularly complex and risky area. Our consultants are at your disposal to advise and assist you in the organization, optimization and development of your company’s social policy. They assist you from hiring to the termination of the employment contract.
Our team, with its constantly updated knowledge of labor legislation and its keen sense of confidentiality, is distinguished by its ability to manage payrolls in all sectors of activity.
Our firm proposes to accompany you in the establishment of all your social declarations and a follow-up of the management of your personnel. Our missions are diverse and adaptable to your needs:


  • Establishment of employment contracts;
  • Outsourcing of pay;
  • Establishment of pay slips,
  • Calculation of the balance of any account;
  • Teledeclarations (CNSS, CIMR …)
  • Establishment of end-of-year statements (CNSS, IGR);
  • Implementation and control of incentive schemes;
  • Accompaniment in administrative procedures;
  • Diagnosis and social audit;
  • Assistance during CNSS inspections;
  • Advice and optimization.

Our firm proposes to you to outsource all your accounting through different packs to meet your needs. Our main areas of intervention are:

  • Supervision, keeping of accounts;
  • Full outsourcing of the accounting function;
  • Revision of accounts;
  • Control of accounting services;
  • Analysis and organization of document and information circuits;
  • Establishment and monitoring of operational cost accounting;
  • Establishment of intermediate situations;
  • Production of management accounts (financial reporting);
  • Establishment of forecast situations / budgets;
  • Evolution of financial reporting .

Tax law is a branch of law covering all the rules relating to taxes. Every year new tax laws are enacted and adopted, this field being very changeable, our firm enlightens you to choose the most advantageous fiscal operation and responds to your needs at the relevant times. Our main missions are:

  • Establishment of the various mandatory tax declarations (TVA, IS, IR,TP…)
  • Preparation of such declarations and telebanking ;
  • Assistance in tax auditing;
  • Tax audit;
  • Annual reporting of results;
  • Studies and consultations on tax issues;
  • All other tax returns.

Today, corporate strategies are no longer reserved for large accounts. To cope with competition, small and medium-sized enterprises must also put in place tactics that allow them to remain competitive. With this in mind, Audit Adour brings the necessary advice to organize and better manage the development of the company: it accompanies its growth and helps it cope with all types of situations.

Indeed, beyond the reliability of the information provided and the compliance with regulations, business leaders and financial managers are often confronted with structural changes and / or unforeseen situations.
For each of these situations, you may wish to provide support for the additional technical expertise and / or the time gain generated. We offer you a specific offer, pragmatic and operational response to the challenges of your development strategy:


  • Study and implementation of organizational charts;
  • Development of procedures manual;
  • Establishment of a management control system
  • Development of your Business Plan;
  • Organization of the accounting department;
  • Human Resource Accounting
  • Implementation of management information system;
  • Optimization of your cash flow;
  • Transition management;
  • Assistance in acquiring targets;
  • Assistance in the sale of your business;
  • litigation assistance;
  • Management of crisis situations.

Audit Adour can also expand its field of expertise by calling on its network of specialized partners: lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, bankers, auditors, valuation firms … By enabling its clients to benefit from a top-notch expertise to support the development of their structure.