Entrepreneur and start-up manager

Entrepreneurship is an exciting adventure! For the leaders who have made this choice, your stakes will be many:

  • In the launch phase, you will have to formalize your project and your financial forecasts, choose a legal status, set up your accounting …
  • In the development phase, you will have to monitor the performance of your activity, to implement an information system, seek financing, fulfill your regulatory obligations in terms of accounting, taxes…
  • We assist you, beyond your legal obligations, in all the phases of development of your company, from its creation to its possible transfer. Our flexible and tailor-made assistance will guarantee you reliable, up-to-date and secure information, enabling you to efficiently manage your business.

  • Scheduling an interview to make the point about  your needs and expectations
  • Creation of a Business Plan consistent with your course and your objects
  • Redaction of your statutes and company  registration
  • Accompaniment and advice for  your company start up